About Us

We founded Verdure Health Co on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA with the goal to help people.  We are husband and wife nurse anesthetists with a passion for the science of aging.  We poured our heart and soul into what has always been a goal of our careers, to help others.  Countless hours, consults, research, and experimentation were dedicated with the hope to improve healthspan, longevity, and promote youth through the decades.  We are a company focused on keeping youth on your side.
We have our proprietary skincare line which will help reverse the aging process and keep your skin youthful for longer.  Science and evidence based, while staying all natural has been our goal since inception.  We have trialed hundreds of ingredients and formulations until we settled on the most effective solution.  This skincare line is aptly named "Lost in Time", as age and time gets lost on your skin.
We have partnered with industry giants to offer you discounts in products geared towards prolonging your youth and keep you feeling young for longer. This includes a Fasting Mimicking Diet that gives all the benefits of fasting, while retaining muscle mass and gut health.  Also, partnering with another industry leader to offer the highest quality supplements at a good price to support you on your journey.